Change status bar text to white iOS Swift 4.2 Xcode 10.0

Hello back guys, I'll show you guys how to change status bar text without coding. Just follow this screenshoot that I give. It's a peace of cake and you don't need to confused about it. I will tell you  simple way. But it's good to do programtically, it's just an option.

Why we need to change status bar text because we sometimes need to costume our application with our theme. If you have good theme, customers will like you app and use it every time haha.

You need to edit Info.plist to do it but xcode will do automatically if you change it Deployment info because it will change Info.plist when you edit it. I will give you a source code too what will change in Info.plist.

Source code in Info.plist


I hope it will save your time from searhing on the internet.

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