How to set first day of week in DateRangePicker Calendar Android

I have created an app called "To Do List Extra" that has a calendar. I found a issue that i need to set first of week to saturday or monday. By default calendar will be sunday. So i tried to ask on the internet and finally found the way. Locale will make a different first day of week. I just changed the locale and automatically the first day of week will be changed too.

Why I need to set first of week because in different country we have diffrent first of week. In my country first of week is monday. It's very helpful we don't need to adjust the calendar. DateRangePicker is default Android library so it's not complicated to customize it.

In my app We have to add task and put date and time if you want. I have notification timer so it will put banner notification when your task date and time is suitable with time right now. So basically it's important to set first of week.

Link where I asked

To Do List Extra App

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