How to disable UITableview ScrollView Pagination when Data is Still Fit In

Hello guys, if you ever work with UITableview. Sometimes you need to do pagination and there many ways to do it. One of them is using scrollview. I want to share with you my improve way to do pagination because on the internet. It needs to improve a little bit.

Why you need to do pagination because it will make your app run lightweight and more fast. Because you just load API as necessary. Many greats app use this and if there are images you don't load all. It's just load the first page one.

Fortunately iOS support it and we can use UITableview to do it. UICollectionView can do it too but we talk it later on the next post.

So check this out.

Yes, I include this UIScreen.main.bounds.size.height, because when your UITableview has only a few data you don't need to run above code. Maybe it's good to do refresh, pull up to refresh is better. So that's it, if you have any question please free to ask. thanks.

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