Better Using setNavigationBarHidden than zPosition to hide navigation bar

Hello all, This is my first post in December. It's good we reach final month of the year. And I haven't forgot to post article again every week. I'm stil consistent though. This day I'm talking about navigation in iOS. It's very important to have navigation in iOS because every apple apps using navigation too.

Sometimes we need to customize our navigation as we want. And we need to do our own. Because apple doesn't have full feature to edit like UIView did. So we need to create UIView and make it like navigation.

It's ok to use UIView than navigation because it looks same and doesn't have bad impact for our app. And you can custome as you want and it will make your app different from other in good way. Remember too you can avoid using navigation with present and not include navigation controller.

But the advantage to use navigation you have feature swipe to back to previous controller. And it has a animation left to right or right to left. Although you can create custom for your own but it's better to use iOS apple default.

So for any futher you can try and error what's best for you.

This is the code that i mean guys.

Yes as simple as like that. And for zPosition, it's actually same but the problem with it. After you push navigation and go back. You get the item bar button that hides, it can be clicked. Although the navigation is hidden. I don't know why but I think it's iOS apple issue. So the solution is using setNavigationBarHidden it's better. I have tried it and It works like a charm.

If you have any question please feel free to ask. I'll enjoy answering u guys, thanks for visiting this simple blog. Have a nice day.

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