Missing system image Android Studio solution

Happy holidays guys, this is december with long weekend haha. I still have a problem with Android Studio. After I update my emulator and suddenly I got a issue that is so weird. You can see picture above I need to redownload emulator from android studio.

If you got a issue like me, don't worry and don't uninstall your android studio. It's not complicated to resolve it. You just need to redownload the emulator go to Tools -> AVD Manager. You can see the issue of your emulator and redownload or resolve it. And you will be like image above.

Just wait the download and your emulator will be fine again. If you still have the issue, please comment below and let me know what's the problem. I'm happy if i can help you guys. I'm not expert but it's fun when i can solve programming issues.

I need to make atleast 5 paragraph for good articale. So I will tell a story a little bit, I'm using Pixel 2 XL API 28 for only emulator that I do for testing. You know emualtor itself have much memory, my emulator size is 6.2GB. It's so big for mac user like that have only 128GB memory SSD. So I need to consider what's data inside my mac.

I have this mac only for working. It's macbook air not too heavy when I place it on my leg and I'm in bedroom. So I really enjoy it. Thanks for visiting my simple blog, I hope I can share more knowledge and expierences to you guys.

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