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Hello guys, welcome back to my simple blog. Today is good day for you This is my software that I created in 2014, I think this is one of my best software that I created and took much time. The app is called "Aplikasi Apotek". It means pharmacy application in english language. I'm sorry it only support Indonesia language.

You can see the application above, I was using Java SE and It was pure Java. I didn't use framework like Hibernate, Spring, Struts and etc. Sorry maybe I mislead about it. Of course it uses many libraries that I can't tell here. And about the reports I used jasper. It's very good choice I made because It can cover my all reports. It basically needs to run in windows, but linux and macOS acceptable. But there's a disadvantage about the UI. Like button above it cuts off.

I created this application from zero, and It finished about 9 months. Is it crazy ? haha. I created this application just for fun and I hope I can earn money from this application. But it's ok, It was six years ago. And I'm ok with it. That time, I was still in college. I love programming since I was in senior high school.

And for database I used MySQl, don't worry I have provided the tools for you. Or you can install your own database using XAMPP. It's good because it has phpmyadmin. And the crazy thing that I did I created the documentation about this application. Of course for programmer like me, It's so bored to do it. But I finished it one month I think.

I will share this application for you guys, But if you want to have full version please feel free to comment below. I'm glad someone notice my work about this application. There's a serial key to use full version but don't worry I will give you the patch one. I hope you have a great day, thanks for visiting my blog.

link download application :

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