My Impression about Learning Flutter from scratch

It's a busy month for me to learn new stuff. I'm hungry for knowledge about flutter things haha. I have already learned about android and iOS native long time ago. And it's still awesome to learn. It's been a great long journey though. Now I maybe have learned anything about flutter about two weeks. Learning it from video tutorial is awesome. Don't worry what you learned, it will make your skill more sharp when you learn it everyday. 

First, I confused when to start to learn flutter. That's why I tried to learn directly from flutter documentation. But I need real world example flutter project from case study. That's when I found a good tutorial and easy to understand. It's Flutter course from londonappbrewery. It's free actually because of google. 

But if you need to grasp all of flutter course bootcamp you need to spend 10 bucks. It's very good I think you will learn flutter until Flutter State Management. It's important aspect to create project using flutter. You need to handle state for your apps. It's different from iOS and Android native. If you need to change something directly when your apps is running. You can't make UI changed without using states eventhough your variables changed in console.

I tried to run the flutter projects that I created from the course. I run it both on my devices and simulator Android and iOS. It amaze me with hot reload / hot restart, that's what I'm looking for entirely life to check my app view according to my need. You don't need to wait to compile app again and again. It's so painful based on my experience when my iOS project was bigger. I need to wait a little bit moment to change font and typo words. I'm a person to make sure my apps are running correctly eventhough small changes I make.

I create my own flutter reference in github. It's easy for me to track my learning, what I have expierence so for from flutter. I usually created it on there. And the language that need to learn is dart. For me language doesn't matter if you have learned another language and master it. It's very helpful if you have background Android and iOS developer.  It's like we know what flutter means to make their language to have same meaning like android or iOS. And I think some functionality adapt from swift or Java. 

Now I want to make something from flutter that's hopefully I can publish them on App Store and Play Store. And share my issues experience relate to flutter things. And I love flutter community I think many people like what flutter does. It's great feedback from github and FB community that's what I look.

Oh I forgot to tell that the flutter course covers Firebase auth and Firebase firestore. That's very good for mobile application nowdays. Sometimes We need to have database to save users data or we need authentaction with google sign in or facebook login. This tutorial was uploaded last year and the syntax codes doesn't change at all. 

And for IDE I used like course given. I used Android Studio in case it needs androidX but for now. I haven't used it. I have installed VSCode too and I love the IDE performance than Android Studio. Yes, there's pros and cons between IDE. So for me I installed both haha. Remember programming language, framework and IDE are just tools that we need to use according to what need.

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