Finally Release My Own app Food Today on App Store and Play Store

I have an idea to create an app to photo your food and It will save your food photo in grid mode. In every photo there's time where you take the food photo on right bottom. And below all of it there's date to tell that photo is food today. Then you can share it on your social media or you can just simply save the photo. Before saving photo you can edit the photo like flip, rotate and adjustment about the color.

It's all made using flutter. I design by myself like Icon. UI colors that I chose. It's so fun to use flutter because of hot reload that helped a lot. I'm not best at design but I can easily change color if it's not ok. I used many packages that I learned on the internet. It's almost covering all of I want in this app. 

You know what, I just made this app to release in app store and play store in just three days. It's so fast than I thought. Although the first release is not fully features like know. But I'm glad I can release them so fast so that I don't be afraid to be declined again.

What I have expierenced releasing an app in App Store and Play Store. In App Store you will be reviewed in one day. It's hour work but sometimes not. Weekend of course your app will not be reviewed. But otherwise in Play Store your app will reviewed everyday. Even one day I released update a couple times. It would be reviewed a couple times too. 

Next thing I want to learn is how I market this app so get more download and reviewed. Because it's very important to have these things if you want to rank your app. But what I'm thankful I get portofolio of my own app to get job or freelance to show. Bonus if this app can monetize :D. I hope I can be helpful to ya all guys who is working your own app. Never give up on what you love. If it's not good enough, so try again. 

If you'd like to know about my app, you can download it on app store and play store. If you have any idea or any bugs that you want to report, please tell me. I am glad I can help and bring this app used many people around the world. I have already added another language else than english in app description. It's Indonesian, Chinese (Simplified), Spanish.

 Download on the App Store

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