Create Landing Page for My App Food Today Using Firebase Hosting

Hello guys, I'm excited this month because my app Food Today now has landing page. The best thing is usually I used to host my website using heroku like kontaku app. Today I'm gonna share how I create my landing page easy way. First you need to go to console firebase. Make sure you have your own project. It's ok for now if you don't have any apps.

Get your own template for landing page. I used Nova Free Theme for my landing page. I found it free and beatiful, so I used it. I don't have much pages, it's only three actually. There are home, privacy policy and term & conditions. And I design my home page as simple as I could. One screenshoot of my app and title text and description. Two images logo to download my app App Store and Google Play.

After that create your own directory for your landing page. Instal firebase CLI then in your command prompt run firebase init choose hosting. There's a folder called Public, that's where you insert your html files. Last thing to do is firebase deploy. Taraaa now you can check in URL given by firebase like this For detail explanation you can check here

The next you maybe want to do is using your own domain. Like me I want to use subdomain, first I wonder how can it be ? after I searched on google and try to figure it out. Finally I can use my subdomain for landing page as you can see on

I used cloudflare for my domain configuration. I got my web secure using https, it's because of cloudflare. It;s not hard to make it, you just need to follow the guideline that firebase give. Add custom domain as an example "" then verify your domain. You need to add TXT record in your web domain configuration like me in cloudflare. Finally you need to wait 24 hours to go live.

So the conclusion firebase is very helpful for your project. I think we just need flutter and firebase to create our startup maybe. You can deliver fast because everthing you need is there. So if you have any question related to this article, feel free to ask me anything. Sorry if my english is not good, I'll try my best. See you on the next article. Bye.

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