I change IDE Android Studio to Visual Code on Mac Big Sur

Visual Code on Mac Big Sur

It's been a month since I used Visual Code as new editor to create or develop flutter apps. I really like it because of the lightweight that I feel mostly. I haven't had a problem so far, but some little issue where I can't add widget using shortcut key like Android Studio does using alt+enter. So I need to do it manually with clicking hint lamp symbol then I choose adding parent widget or stream builder or removing it from parent tree. It's a little bit annoying but for me the performence is more important. I haven't searched the way Android did but later maybe.

And the second thing is about Mac Big Sur that I've installed on my macbook air '17. Before I run Mac OS Catalina of course. There's one headache issue about NVRM SSD. It's when my mac will restart randomly when doing heavy things like compiling or opening many tab browser. It's so weird I tried to reinstall my mac many times. And the result is the same, I think I need to replace the SSD with old one because Now the SSD is updated 256GB and different type I forget the name. But the old one that this macbook own is Samsung SSD. but It's already solved with removing RAM and inserting again.

BTW I still installed Android Studio because I need it for Android testing purpose and emulator. What I feel when upgrading Mac Big Sur is the compile time a little bit more fast. I don't install games or editor video or photo. So the size space only for development and it doesn't take much space so far. 

And the next thing I like it's the simplicity. In this Visual Studio edit on the left where it's consistent when opening tab you can see on the right not on top like Android Studio. Even I opened two Visual Studio one for reference and the other one is where I work for. And It's fantastic, it doesn't effect the mac performance and I listen to some music video on youtube. And It doesn't have any problem.

But when doing building apk or ios bundle to release. It doesn't come from IDE it's from your computer. So before when want to release our app on app store or playstore we need to some commands for building the app. For iOS is "flutter build ios --release" and for Android is "flutter build appbundle/apk --release" you can take a look on the documentation for detail. But mostly that's what I did after finishing app for testing on release on firebase app distribution I did that. And what I can say is for building ios to make it IPA it takes much time unlike Android apk. 

And then you need to run xcode and doing archive again to send it on appstore or making IPA file then distributing it. And so that's it guys that I want to share this month. Hopefully I can share every month because of the busy work that happened a few weeks lately. Thanks for visiting my simple blog. Sorry If my writing makes you confused haha 😁.

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