Fix Warning Debug Symbols in Play Store with Flutter Android


Hi all, This post was written at the end of july, tomorrow is august. So It's luck I have an issue that I can share with you guys. For this post I want to share about warning that I usually ignore in play store. After I uploaded the appbundle and see the warning message. 

You can just ignore it because it's just a warning. No neccessary to do, but it will be nice if we can solve it. So it'll be benefit for analysis in debug. That's was written in picture above, for me I haven't got experiences what will make app for analyses. Maybe I will update it later.

Ok first thing you need to do is installing NDK in Android Studio if you already have it, just skip installing session. To install it you can go to tools->sdk manager->sdk tools tab. And the select NDK and CMake then install it.

And then you need to know the ndk path. It usually I used mac so I can show you mine below. After You get the path and you add the path inside file inside android root project.


Then you need to add debugSymbolLevel 'SYMBOL_TABLE' inside build.gradle this is an example.
buildTypes {
        release {
            ndk {
                debugSymbolLevel 'SYMBOL_TABLE'
Done, It's simple as like that. Try building the appbundle again and upload it again. It's supposed to be not showing the warning again. And hope it will be good for debug analyses that I still don't know the use of it.

If you got an error when building the bundle related ndk was not installed, you need to make sure the path ndk and you insert it wrong file not inside android root project.


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