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How to get username instagram from url Swift 4.2

I have a problem in my project where I have to get username instagram from url. I think it's easy to do it because there is google that always helps us haha :D. But after i searched it on google, I got one but you know I can't just copy the regex, you need to understand what's really going on about the code. So I finally success to get the username and I want to share with you guys. I just share the method not full class. Here we go...

My Custom WKWebView for Mobile Version View ( Image and Height Adjustment ) Swift 4.2

Good day guys, today I wanna share with you my cusom WKWebView that has been used by me. It works great with any webiste that doesn't support width or height image for mobile version. So check it out.

The Safest Multiple UIAlertController in For Loop Swift 4.2

If you want to show many alerts for in loop. You can use recursive becuse it's more simple and not complicated. I found the way on stackoverflow and it works like a champ. But it doesn't work when i use present to view controller and then show alert. It's like method present UIViewController only wants one work at the time. So i do this way you can see below code.

UICollectionView and UIPageControl With Video And Image Swift 4.2

Hello guys, today I want to share with you more complicated tutorial. Because you need to understand coding basic. I don't explain you how to use UICollectionView or UIPageControl. I will share you with you how to combine them to make a good application. So let's do it now :D. Fasten your selbet. This is the screenshoot how UICollectionView combine with UIPageControl and it shows video and image through UIPageControl. 

Use Mode No Disturb in iPhone for Gamers

If you play game in mobile phone like PUBG Mobile or Mobile Legends. Sometimes your phone get call or annoying notif that you want to let go. There is a simple way to do that. It uses feature Do Not Disturb. It will silence your calls and notifications while you're playing games. It's cool right. To do that you swipe from bottom of your screen select this and to turn off just click the icon again.

How to Make Blur around Square Overlay QRCodeReader iOS

My friend asked me how to make background blur and make only center square camera that's not blur. It's like the screenshoot below. BTW i use QRCodeReader library and i can't find a config to do this. So i tried to do by myself and finally i found the way. I'm gonna share to you guys. 

Flip UICollectionView to Make Like Gallery Photos in iOS

Have you ever think to make your app like gallery photo app in iOS. It looks cool right. Maybe you use function scrollToBottom that you find on google. But it's not best way for me. Because the scroll is not smooth like i want. I want precisely like gallery photo apple does. Here's the screenshoot what i mean :

My Solution to Background Task Can't be More Than 3 Minutes iOS

If you use UIBackgroundTaskIdentifier for your background task like long download that i did. When the phone is off or the phone is screen lock, the app will crash if it's longer than 3 minutes or limited time. You can find detail on . This is the explanation from apple why they limit our background task. Always try to avoid doing any background work unless doing so improves the overall user experience. An app might move to the background because the user launched a different app or because the user locked the device and is not using it right now. In both situations, the user is signaling that your app does not need to be doing any meaningful work right now. Continuing to run in such conditions will only drain the device’s battery and might lead the user to force quit your app altogether. So be mindful about the work you do in the ba

App Get Rejected from AppStore Because of Crash

If you have an app that you can run on your device but when you send your app to app store you get rejected. I got the file crash that apple sent to their webiste Itunes. So i tried to read it and i'm still confused because i still doesn't understand the errors. I used this way  to read the crash report. Don't forget to rename the crash report with crash extension .crash. The next day i got the error more specific when the crash happened from apple. I still find the way out to fix it. After i follow the instruction to run the app into iPad. I really found the crash and it's simple to fix it. Because in iPhone the problem didn't show up. So yeah finally the app show up on AppStore now. Thanks for visiting this website. Hope i will always can help you.

Three Times Chicken Dinner - PUBG Mobile

Yes, it's lucky day for me. I was only playing a few times this day and I got three chicken dinner. Here's full video that i wanna share with you. First I'm duo team in Sanhok.

iOS APP Build Success But Not Receive in Testflight

This is weird problem that i faced yesterday. I upload my app through Xcode and the message said it was success but with warning not errors. After i waited for hours i couldn't find it in iTunes Connect website. So i uploaded again but still no builds found.

Check Wifi On or Off Swift 4.2 Xcode 10

If you search on the internet, many website don't work for newest iOS. Finally i found the simple way to implement it. I found it on stackoverflow but still need a little bit change. You just need to change awd10 to en0. Full code :

Error FacebookCore, FacebookLogin and FacebookShare Library in Xcode 10

After i updated some project, i found the errors whom my program used library Facebook. Although i used "POD update" to renew but still it got the errors. Finally i got the way, you need to include the facebook library manually. Download it on facebook developer page. Add the library to your project and add manually from your xcode. Click right click on your project inside xcode and choose Add files to "Your project name".

Bug Hero Fanny Or Someone Use Cheat ? - Mobile Legends

Do you know what happens in this video. When i played rank using hero fanny, i got lag or broken whenever i tried using cables. You can see the video below. If i played in custom mode vs AI, i didn't find that lag or broken whatever cables that i used. I used iPhone 6s to play this game. Do you know the solution guys ? For know i don't use hero fanny for a while.

How I Win 90 Pips Today EUROUSD Using Technical Analysis

Hello guys i want to share with you how i got my profit today. I hope this technic can help the way you trade. I give description in the image so that you can easily remember how this trade was going.

Custom UICollectionViewDelegateFlowLayout Swift 4.2

I have a project where customer needs to customize the collection photos. So i searched on the internet and i coulnd't find what i want. So i decided to create my own UICollectionViewDelegateFlowLayout. I share the codes for you guys. I hope it helps. The result will be like this :

Smooth GIF Animation Imageview in Swift 4.2 iOS

Today i got a problem about making a animation gif runs perfectly. If you use default code from the internet. You may get my problem the animation is not smooth. Don't worry about i have fixed it using gifu. Yes it's simple to implement it too. You just need to change class UIImageView with GIFImageView in storyboard and this code to apply animation. imageLoading.animate(withGIFNamed: "loading.gif").

Change Image and Remove Title Back Button Navigation Swift 4.2

After i updated new version iOS 12 and Xcode 4, i got a problem about changing image and removng title navigation. I searched on the internet and finally i got a solution on stackoverflow. I will give you the code and if you don't understand please comment below. Thanks.

Update New Xcode 10 and iOS 12

Today i find my iphone get update iOS 12 and of course if you are developer, you can get the latest Xcode. Yes, Xcode 10 that you need to install to make your iphone can run on iOS 12. You can find what's new in Xcode 10 here : Becareful i got errors when i tried to install xcode from App Store. The message says you need to have macOS version 10.13.6 or later. In my expierence i have encountered twice failed to install macOS and you can't enter your macOS screen. Fortunately i found the way to fix it. Here's the link

How to scan a QR Code in Swift 4 and Xcode 9.4

I have a project that needs to do scan QR Code. After i searched on the internet i found a good library that is suitable for my project. I have changed a little bit the code because the torch is not working. I don't change the code in library but implement / override it. I don't use pod to add QRCodeReader but include it in my project. Because maybe i need to modify the layout. link QRCode Reader on github :

Simple Trick to Reduce Heat on Your Iphone

Whenever i play games on my iphone for hours, my iphone starts heat and it's not good for your health iphone. So i do a simple trick to use "Low Power Mode" whenever i play games like Mobile Legends or PUBG. My iphone become heavier because i do recording to upload in my channel youtube "Ungapps". So it's good solution for me that works so far.

It's Great to Know MvvmCross Framework Xamarin

Today I try to learn something new about xamarin and I'm surprised with this MvvmCross Framework that I found on awesome-xamarin-forms github page. It makes our codes in projects easily to maintan for the future. It works with Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Mac, Xamarin.Forms, Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and Windows Presentation Framework (WPF). There are many contributors involved so this framework can sustain for a long time. Android Version : iOS Version : Here is the link of awesome-xamarin-forms.

Solution To Xamarin.Forms tasks do not match targets

Hello guys, I think I need to post again to archive my knowledge because I can easily forget a thing. If you have encoutered this problem, it's easy to solve you only need to remove and add Xamarin.Forms from package Nuget like the screenshoot below. Hope it helps. If you have any question, please feel free to ask.