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Custom Workout with Journal (Flutter Android iOS)

Unlock Your Fitness Goals with our Adaptive Workout App

Are you striving to achieve your fitness goals while craving a personalized approach? Look no further! Our app is designed to empower you by facilitating the customization of your workout plans, offering real-time audio feedback, and much more.

Age Life (Flutter Android iOS)

Create and read advices from any ages

If you love to share your advices with others any ages. You can do it in this app. You can create advice from specific age from 13 to 80 ages. It can be translated into your language as well and there's feature text to speech your advice so don't worry about the limitation.

Food Today (Flutter Android iOS)

Share what your food today!  

If you're enthusiastic with food, this app can help you to capture it in camera. It shows what your food in one day and you can share it one image with multiple photo food including time of your food photo taken. Simple and easy to use. All photos will not be saved in gallery so it will not mess up your gallery.

Helper for Instagram (Flutter Android)

A mobile app for user Instagram. This app was created for you to help you when you want to repost, download, share, copy #hashtag or @username instantly. Easy to use, always be updated by Developer.

Dog Master - Dog Lover App (iOS)

A mobile app for dog lovers. We can see lots of photos of dogs based on their breeds. Some random dogs image, GIF and video. There is also about dog fact we have to know.

Counting Workout (Android)

If you are lazy to count set when you're doing workout, this app can help you to count your set. You just focus on your job and app will count for you whatever you want. You only set what end number and last set number then click play to start this app.


Kontaku (Android and iOS)

Kontaku is a new concept of how to save your contacts and notes by online. It is like your contacts phone but with more cool features. You can save your BIODATA, SOCIAL MEDIA and GAMES ID.

https://kontaku.ungapps.com (Web/JQueryMobile)

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ungapps.kontaku (Android)

https://www.diawi.com/ (Upload the ipa file in here. And click the link given in your iPhone/iPAD device)

To Do List Extra (Android)

To Do List Extra is simple and easy to use. Use To Do List Extra as a helpful tool to remember and organize your task. Don't worry about losing data you can save it online.

It's developer app that we use the most. It's based on developer issue to create this app.


To Go List (Android)

Go everywhere you want with notes and guidance. If you need to have a list where you go and reminder. This is the app that you need. It will record your destination with helpful Google Maps. All you need to do is insert your note and destination. You can insert date where you will go. There is a repeat feature if you want to do it again.


Catatan Keuangan - Expenses (Android)

What's best ?
- It's free, full support from developer.
- This app supports English-Indonesia language.
- Easy to export to PDF.
- Have a good report.
- Support calendar to make you easy to choose date.
- Backup and Restore manually or using Google Drive.

App that you must have for recording your income and expenses.


Split Bill (Android)

Split Bill easily with your friends, you don't need to calculate with calculator again. You can screenshoot this app and show to your friends.


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