Sunday, November 14, 2021

Combining Snapshot Firestore in Flutter

Hello everyone, it's novermber now. It's almost the end of year. So Many things happened in this year. I learned a lot. And for this article I want to share about something that I just know. It's very helpful for me to use this technique. 

The reason why I need to combine the snapshot, it's because I need to optimize showing data in the app. Before I just show all of data to be shown by users and it's not good to do it if you have many data. It makes your app slow because firebase has limitation time to show many data I check by myself. And It cost me a lot as well to show many data that I think it's ugly.

So one thing I need to figure it out is using this technique that I found on the internet. Because in firestore as well you cannot query where two times with same field. I think what you can do is using two snapshot and combining it.