Saturday, June 27, 2020

My first flutter app on Playstore but rejected on AppStore

It's been a month to learn flutter and I really like the idea of designing user interface. No heavy storyboard in Xcode. No more many xml that is on Android Studio. But everything is using dart class. Design and code logic. That's painful for me is bloc pattern that I used. It's good for MVVM pattern I think but I need to create three dart class to handle one screen one bloc. But fortunately It worked on Android and iOS and that's cool.

Okay the app that I created it's called "Helper for Instagram". Basically it helps you to repost, download photo or video and copy caption, hashtag and username and selectable caption. It gives you to "history" to show you what link you have inserted and "save" for favourite post that you want to save. And they will be in app as long as you don't uninstall the app.

For Android the size of the app is 10 MB that I think it's very good because it's native. But for iOS it's 30 MB. It's not bad though. If you're in debug the size will reach almost 100 MB and as I read on the internet it's fine. Debug size certainly is more than Release size. I have ads for my app and app in purchase three of them. I made it to have expierence more, it's usually I only have one in app in purchase. But that's awesome in flutter there's package called "in_app_purchase" and I amazed I can easily add one more.

Monday, June 1, 2020

My Impression about Learning Flutter from scratch

It's a busy month for me to learn new stuff. I'm hungry for knowledge about flutter things haha. I have already learned about android and iOS native long time ago. And it's still awesome to learn. It's been a great long journey though. Now I maybe have learned anything about flutter about two weeks. Learning it from video tutorial is awesome. Don't worry what you learned, it will make your skill more sharp when you learn it everyday. 

First, I confused when to start to learn flutter. That's why I tried to learn directly from flutter documentation. But I need real world example flutter project from case study. That's when I found a good tutorial and easy to understand. It's Flutter course from londonappbrewery. It's free actually because of google. 

But if you need to grasp all of flutter course bootcamp you need to spend 10 bucks. It's very good I think you will learn flutter until Flutter State Management. It's important aspect to create project using flutter. You need to handle state for your apps. It's different from iOS and Android native. If you need to change something directly when your apps is running. You can't make UI changed without using states eventhough your variables changed in console.